The Little Big Dash – What a 2km obstacle race taught me about parenting

Family Workouts

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This past weekend my oldest son Jackson (7) and I decided to run our first obstacle race, after seeing how much fun his little sister Kayla had with me at the Lorna Jane Active Nation Day earlier this month he was keen to do something active with Mummy too.

One of my good friends is a school teacher and she told me that Sanitarium / Weet-Bix were putting on a new event this year called The Little Big Dash where a parent competes alongside their child in a 2km run with 8 obstacles along the way, it sounded like the perfect way to introduce Jackson to obstacle races so I signed up straight away.


Tips to staying active and healthy as a family

Family Workouts


We have a great responsibility as parents, to create a culture of healthy activity in our children’s lives. As parents we demonstrate by our example that exercise is important. From birth even infants begin to recognize movement patterns, then as they learn to move, stand up, walk and run, they have an intuitive ability to move with good anatomical form, that many adults have ‘lost’ through inactivity in early adulthood.

Are you living life in the Arena? Powerlifting Comp Take 2

Mind, Motivation, Powerlifting, Spirit

When I was a teenager I had an intense fear of failure, to the point where I would push my body to extremes in order to prove that I was faster, stronger, tougher than my brothers and mates. Now I have re-entered competitive sports as a 31yr old adult and Mum of 3 my attitude has been vastly different… So what has changed? If i could put it down to one thing I would say it’s my perception of failure, watching my children grow and learn new skills has taught me to see mistakes as an opportunity to learn, grow and fine tune my performance rather than to magnify my weaknesses. In fact I am learning to see my failures as an opportunity to…


4 Move Swing Circuit

Family Workouts

This Saturday we tried out a little swing circuit at one of our favorite parks, it was challenging and took a few attempts for the kids but I was so proud of them for trying something new and persevering to complete the challenge.

Here’s what we did:

1. Swing Pullups (Back and Biceps)


5 ways to increase your happiness and momentum

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Today I want to share with you a simple, yet powerful way to increase your happiness and momentum. It’s based around the idea of keeping a gratitude journal, but before you switch off please remember that doesn’t have to mean physically writing it down, you can type it on your PC, record it on your tablet or even do a voice recording of it on your smart phone.

I am grateful for

There is something about specifically setting aside time to regularly record your positive thoughts and feelings that is incredibly uplifting and empowering. When we choose to focus on the positive things in our life it creates a shift in not just our perspective but our actions and that in itself creates momentum.

4 Move Agility Ladder Circuit

Family Workouts

One of my favorite things to do with my kids is to put together a mini workout or ‘challenge’ for us to complete while we are at the park. I keep it to 4 moves so its both easy to remember and achievable for my 5 and 7 year olds.

In Today’s workout we used an agility ladder, if you don’t have one you could use sticks or tape on the grass or draw it on the footpath with chalk. Here is our 4 move circuit brought to you Today by Jackson and Kayla.

1. In and outsCircuit3

Building a strong core

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Everytime I see an article or magazine cover on how to get a strong core or great abs it catches my attention, partly because its nice to have some ab definition but more so because as a Mum and athlete I realize how essential a strong core is in nearly everything we do. With so much information out there its easy to get frustrated with a bunch of exercises or rules to follow that don’t really fit into your lifestyle as a busy worker, wife or Mum. That’s why I decided to write this post today to share with you my ‘Busy Mum’s strategy for a strong core’. I will be sharing a bit about my experience and recovery from Diastastis Recti (abdominal seperation), along with ab exercises you can do with your kids, partner or friend at the park or at home, food guidelines and plenty of photos.

9 actions that helped me overcome Anxiety

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Before I get to my top tips for managing and overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, I am going to share with you a little bit of my story. I always remember being a fairly anxious child, although I liked to take risks I was always conscious of my safety and worried about my parents and siblings, I didn’t like change and moving house and schools really stressed me out for weeks.

My first experience with panic attacks started when I was 18 (in year 12 at school) September 11 happened and the news was played non stop at school for 2 days as the teachers wanted to keep updated, for an anxious teen it was overwhelming and I found myself imagining how I would escape if a bomb went off in a building at school or at work and getting panic attacks, my parents would usually talk me through them and I would be okay, and this went on for a few months.

Simple Delicious Cinnamon Scrolls

Baking & Creating

cinnamon scrollsThese have been a steady favorite with my family and friends this winter, warm, mini, sweet, sticky cinnamon scrolls, I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!


Butter – 2 tablespoons

Sugar – 1 cup

Cinnamon – 3 teaspoons

How to:  Mix together with your hands to form a sweet crumb